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The Importance of Table Etiquette

The scene was set. The ceremony was flawless. Love was definitely in the air. The guests murmur about how perfect your wedding party looks and the beautiful scenery.

Your wedding party begins taking photos as your guests mingle about in a lovely little cocktail hour with signature drinks and butler passed hors d'oeuvres.

The DJ welcomes your guests into the reception space with catchy tunes that you and your new betrothed picked out together. The day is nearly perfect. NEARLY.

The guests look around for a greeter or a seating chart, but to no avail. Where do they go? Can we sit at this table? Will we all fit? What about grandma? Won't anyone tell us where to go? Your guests huddle around the tables awkwardly, waiting for instructions.

It's just not right.

Guests should not be in charge of delegating table seating! If your reception is a fully seated meal of any kind, buffet or otherwise, you need a seating chart. This is not a difficult task! In fact, there are so many ways to make it fun and unique. It's a great, easy task to delegate to your MOH or Wedding Planner. So grab a glass of wine and get creative!

Creating a fun and interesting seating chart can add to your already perfect wedding theme. Are you big travelers? Name each table a different destination you and your honey traveled together. Add photos of the two of you in said place to your centerpieces. Write out fun moments you had in those places and leave them on postcards for guests to find. Your guests will get to know you both a little more and have something to chat about with the people at their table.

Valentina Glidden Fine Art Photography

Hosting a garden wedding? Create a specific flower and herb centerpiece for each table naming the flowers and herbs, and the qualities they stand for (i.e. peonies are a symbol of prosperity and romance).

There are so many ways to make seating charts clever and keeping to your specific theme. Don't be afraid to ask or help! Discuss with your fiancé things that hold meaning to you both and use that to create a beautiful frame, mini scrolls, painted pumpkins...we could go on and on!

You can also consult a wedding planner for ideas. Planners often offer consultation packages or just plain, free advice. Don't be shy, ask us!

Because, obviously, We. Love. Planning.

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